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Happy in Wales

After 24 hours of travel, I arrived safe and sound in Southern Wales. Here is how the trip went.

  1. Yesterday at noon I met Sarah, my booking agent, at noon for lunch (Vietnamese) then she dropped me off at the bus station in Hartford, Connecticut (aka where I live)
  2. I took the 2:00 PM Peter Pan bus to NYC. It was supposed to get in at 4:30 but with the traffic got in at 6 pm.
  3. Took the E subway to the Air Train in Queens, NY
  4. Took Air Train to JFK airport
  5. Hung out for 4.5 hours eating vegan junk food, writing e-mails and chatting on the phone.
  6. At 11:30 PM flew to London. Sat next to Gerry, a very cool New Yorker who works as a consultant to museums around the world.
  7. Arrived at Heathrow at 11:30 AM (today)
  8. Went through immigrations (actual conversation with immigration official–“You were just here in May. Why are you back again? Why were you here then? Why did stay for a week, leave then come back for another week.” I told him that I am an artist. That sufficed.
  9. Took 1:15 bus to Cardiff, Wales.
  10. Arrived at 4:00 PM and was met by John Henson, my host and author of The Gay Disciple.
  11. Took another bus to his home where I met his partner Valerie, who served me a stunning vegan dinner that consisted of a bean stew, new potatoes and a plum crumble with soya custard for desert.

So after much travel, I am cozy and well fed and well loved and will go to bed soon. John and I have been talking about the Bible and trans people. Between Valerie’s cooking, Bible discussions with John AND that they have wi-fi, I may never leave.

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For the third time this year I will be in the UK. Turning into a wonderful habit. I just booked the flights for a trip gets me to London on 17 August and back home on 3 September. I was initially hoping that I would spend more time in Europe, but September will be a month for me to do some quiet reflection and will also be a time for me to get together with family as it will mark one year since my mom passed away (who still feels very near to me daily).

I am thrilled to be returning to Cardiff, Wales on 18 August where I will perform The Re-Education of George W. Bush which is sponsored by the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. I had a great time last year and met some super people. I will spend a little more time there this year.

Then I get to see dear friends in Cheltenham at Greenbelt where in addition to the Bush piece, I will present Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House. I just found out that Matt Redman will be there this year. Nice. James Alison will return as well and has the cutest picture on Greenbelts’ site.
I imagine other adventures will emerge as I have a little time to explore and hang out with friend and Friends. I can’t wait!

But first I am off to Florida where I will do my Bush play and get to hang out with Tom Murray in Sarasota and Tom D in Tampa (and maybe Harry Potter too). It is a good things I like the folks at MCC Sarasota and the Toms and others because Florida in July sounds like a mistake (but it was lovely last year. I just don’t like the sun. I may be part vampire).

I took the photos at Greenbelt last year.

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Is Being Gay a Choice?

The New Statesman, a UK current affairs magazine asked me to write a short article on the topic of being gay–is it a choice or not? I said it is not a choice which they were pleased about because they found someone who said that it IS a choice (turns out they tapped Richard Cohen for the job).

In my piece I draw on some of the science as well as my own experience as a gay man.

Being gay myself, many folks consider me an expert on all things gay. Did Alexander the great have a male lover? What does the Bible say about homosexuality? For my bay window, should I use lace or chintz curtains?

As a gay theatrical performance activist, the most common question I get is: “how old are you?”

Such a rude question, but completely understandable because of my wild past including the 17-year quest to transform myself into a heterosexual with side trips to Zambia, England, and Ecuador plus a five year marriage. They look at my fresh, young face and wonder ‘how did you do all that?’ I explain that I am a 42-year-old, non-smoking vegan who moisturizes (It is never too young to start!).

The second most common question I get is: “do people choose to be gay?”

You can read the rest for yourself. And just like I didn’t choose to be gay, I didn’t choose the title for the piece, I am what I am and it is not a choice. Oh, and you HAVE to listen to the audio link just to hear how the electronic voice pronounces the word homosexual.

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