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You made it to my newly migrated blog. Well done! Basically I will do pretty much exactly what I did over at my Blogger site.  I will just do it here at Word Press.

Over at my Blogger site I have a category of links listed on the left side with the title, Best of this Blog. There I have some previous blog posts that I think represent some of the more important entries I wrote. I updated it about a year ago after asking some folks what were some of their favorite posts.

Below I have the current list. Before I recreate the same list, I wonder if you had thoughts about the kind of posts that I’ve written that have meant the most to you and that you think others would appreciate. (I personally like the posts where I bust on Joe G. or sing the praises of Mila & Jayna’s podcast or simply adore Auntie Doris.)

Here’s the current list from my old blog:

I also added links. I am sure I forgot all kinds of important people and links, so feel free to give me suggestions (or reminders) of links to blogs, podcasts and other sites for me to consider.

Now we return you our regular blogging…

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