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Tomorrow morning (Friday Oct 31, approx. 10:00 AM EST) Denise Holiday will interview me for her radio show Over the Rainbow on CKDU 88.1 FM out of Halifax, NS, Canada. According to the site,

GLBT issues program from a Trans perspective. Looking at events, issues and ideas in, around and about the GLBT community; using telephone interviews, live guests, GLBT announcements and current news items local and international.

I’m not exactly sure what we will talk about. I will need to tank up on green tea, that or put Marvin Bloom on the line. You can listen live and screaming here.

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Some of you may have already heard the news, but Marvin Bloom, the former ex-gay and now proud and out gay (and Christian), has his own brief segment on Mila and Jayna’s Trans-Ponder Podcast. In his current installment of Moments with Marvin he travels to DC and stands in front of the beast; he turns away in the nick of time.

Mila and Jayna also have a call-in line, so feel free to ask Marvin your questions at (320) 323-1896 (or you can simply leave your message to tell the ladies how much you adore their show!)

For my part I am in Vancouver, BC doing three plays and a workshop. Tomorrow after I perform Transfigurations, I head off to Rivendell on Bowen Island (no not to see the elves, although I would not mind). I have a retreat for a few days where I will read poetry, relax and just be still. Most likely I will be off-line (an essential part of relaxing).

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