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Some of you may have already heard the news, but Marvin Bloom, the former ex-gay and now proud and out gay (and Christian), has his own brief segment on Mila and Jayna’s Trans-Ponder Podcast. In his current installment of Moments with Marvin he travels to DC and stands in front of the beast; he turns away in the nick of time.

Mila and Jayna also have a call-in line, so feel free to ask Marvin your questions at (320) 323-1896 (or you can simply leave your message to tell the ladies how much you adore their show!)

For my part I am in Vancouver, BC doing three plays and a workshop. Tomorrow after I perform Transfigurations, I head off to Rivendell on Bowen Island (no not to see the elves, although I would not mind). I have a retreat for a few days where I will read poetry, relax and just be still. Most likely I will be off-line (an essential part of relaxing).

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Sure I go away and Joe hooks up with all my characters!

Head over to Joe G’s blog, Bored Beyond Belief, to hear an interview between him and Chad. Also Marvin checks in and is up to some serious craziness. From Marvin you will get to meet Samson. Fun for the whole family!

In other podcasting news…Marvin checks in for his second installment of Moments with Marvin on Mila and Jayna’s Trans-ponder podcast episode #82. In this installment he also interviews Chad. They have a little cat fight of sorts, as Marvin asserts himself as the Alpha Fag.

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