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Yeah, what about it? Consumers of porn, inquiring minds want to know. Actually Zack and I want to know for our Queer & Queerer podcast. This week we will talk about pornography. Yeah, I know we did a show where we interviewed a gay porn star and then my partner Glen came on and disagreed with the porn star ( and yes, that put me dab smack in the middle between my gorgeous man and a porn star.) But this is different.

When I travel to colleges, I sometime lead discussion groups about porn. I don’t get into the morality or immorality if porn viewing. I don’t facilitate the discussion around religious views of pornography or the teaching that it is wrong because it objectifies women and men. No, I pull back the camera just a little so that we can have a discussion about porn without all of the heavy judgment kicking up fear and guilt and shame. I want to have a adult conversation about porn.

So I ask two questions.

  1. When was the first time you encountered porn? or What is your first porn memory?
  2. Over the years, what role(s) has porn played in your life?

Now in college discussions it amazes me how quickly people clam up about the topic. I was with a group of eight male identified college folks, and only one talked about porn in the present tense. It was all a thing in the past. Yeah, tell that to the college IT crew. But I said no judgment, so I will take you at your word.

Besides, I am not interested in prying. The beauty of this on-line discussion is that you can leave an anonymous comment. You can even post a bogus email address in the comments. You can be totally honest. Transparent and invisible at the same time.

Zack and I want to hear what you have to say so that we can share it on the show. Feel free to share any demographic information you want–age, orientation, gender, etc.

So, tell me about your porn history…


Listen to our podcast about porn based on some of your comments. Queer & Queerer The Porn Episode.

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