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Diana, an openly transgender woman (a male to female trans activist) on her blog considers the question:

What does gender variance mean?

That question was asked on a forum that I read and of course, I took it literally. I answered in part…

“To me being “Gender Variant” mean not acting or behaving the way you are expected for your birth gender. Crossing the gender “norms.”

For me, “Gender Variant” is a very broad term. It means being androgynous or a male with long hair or a female with short masculine style of hair, it also mean a woman who likes to dress in male style clothing. It also includes gays or lesbians, as well as a trans-person.”

However, other members answered more personal answers…

Diana then goes on to list the various answers she saw listed, many of which reveal the challenges and dangers of being gender variant.

As a gay man, part of my story is that I was gender variant from a young age. I always understood and felt I was a boy yet I performed and presented in ways that others read as feminine or girly, particular for the rural NY State community where I lived. A good deal of the ex-gay/de-gaying process I endured dealt with butching me up. They trained me to speak in shorter sentences and to maintain a flatter tone when I spoke without going up at the end of a statement as if it were a question. They encouraged a more business casual clean-cut look in my clothing without bright colors, distinguishing accessories or designs. (And let me tell you, I look fetching in a scarf.) They stressed that proper men sit and walk with their legs and feet wider apart than women. They pushed us into sporting activities and car maintenance. And the list goes on with all sorts of silly sounding stereotypical behaviors of what some believe marks a man as a man.

Even today moving around in some gay circles, particularly among gay men over 35, I receive the message that to be “straight-acting” gender-normative, masculine in my presentation is more valuable and attractive then to be fem–even if my natural inclination is to be nelly (or as they say in Spain–con plumas–with feathers.) To me this echoes the heterosexism and gender norms of society at large–a sexist, misogynistic society that oppresses females and femininity in males and male bodied-people. Some try to correct and contain gender variance. What I find sexy and attractive in a person is that that person in comfortable in their own skin–they know themselves and live with authenticity. That’s hot!

As a Quaker we speak often about the Testimony of Integrity. This commitment to honesty and truthfulness covered all areas of life including business transactions. Quakers became such trustworthy business people with fixed prices that didn’t change with the buyer, that a slew of products that used the name Quaker emerged on the market.

According to Wikepedia’s entry on the Testimony of Integrity,

Testimony to integrity and truth, refers to the way many members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) testify or bear witness to their belief that one should live a life that is true to God, true to oneself, and true to others. To Friends, the concept of integrity includes personal wholeness and consistency as well as honesty and fair dealings. From personal and inward integrity flow the outward signs of integrity, which include honesty and fairness.

Not everyone finds integrity and authenticity to be attractive, especially when it questions and upsets the norms. Diana after speaking about the difficulties she has faced because of gender variance, concludes her post,

Now I have transitioned none of this has changed; I’m still to some extent a loner, I still get ridiculed and laughed at, I still feel angry sometimes, and think that I didn’t ask for this, what did I ever do to deserve this?

What did change? I now have pride in who I am, I now have self-esteem, I have accepted myself. I am a member of a very unique tribe, whose membership is very limited. I have developed many new friendships and I have met so many people who accept me for myself. Being gender variant has made me stronger and has challenged me in ways I have never imagined.

Check out her posting over at Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State.

Also have a listen funky and feisty Mila and Jayna in the latest Trans-Ponder Podcast:

Episode 133 – (right click and and save to download here) In this episode, we talk about the recent attempt of a blogger to compare the trans experience with voluntary amputation. We discuss the recent rise in cis-gender women getting surgeries that are usually reserved for Trans-Women during SRS.
Focus on the Family is going broke, and we enjoy giving everyone the news. Mila goes on a rant about the one letter difference between Tyranny and a certain word that is used to put down trans people, and why we should care that about that little letter Y. We wrap it up with a story of a failed hate crime/attempted murder in the sex change capitol of the world, that left the attacker looking like an incompetent moron, and the victim wondering why their hairdryer was wet?

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I’ve been listening to a great podcast–Mandrake Society Radio and in particular to an interview with Steven G. Fullwood, founder of the Black Gay/Lesbian Archive, located in the Schomberg Center for Black Culture in the New York City Library. One theme that comces up more than once in the interview has to do with the power of narrative and with it the critical work to gather our stories, store them and especially to share them. Take some time and check out Mandrake Society Radio’s host JW Richard’s blog. Lots of good stuff there.

Today I have been organizing details and promotion for the upcoming fall tour of Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible. I will be all over the place including Seattle, WA, Hartford, CT, Highlands, NC, Chattanooga, TN, Phoenix, AZ and a bunch of others in the works 🙂

Although my play is about transgender and gender-variant Bible characters, it is grounded in real life modern narratives I received through interviews with dozens of transgender people. The first transgender people I really got to know where through my Quaker channels and then through academic conferences. I sat down with individuals and said, “Please tell me your story,” then I attempted to listen deeply without interrupting much or asking too many questions. I let them tell me what was important about their stories. What struck me was the humor many of the interviewees included in their narratives, even some very difficult accounts that included the worst kind of rejection from family and friends. Many communicated a life force, a commitment to living their lives honestly and opening in spite of the obstacles.

These narratives I wove together with well-known and lesser-known Bible stories. I won’t tell you all of them now (you have to see it for yourself) but in this video I give you a little idea of my perspective:

Recently I began working with other artists around these transgender/gender-variant Bible stories. Mila and Jayna of Trans-Ponder Podcast (a really super, informative and FUN podcast) are both comic book/graphic novel artists. They have begun the first few drawings of Transfigurations–The Graphic Novel (and it is looking hot!) I have also begun working with the musical theater king (queen?) and grandfather of queer blogging Steve Schalchlin on Transfigurations–The Musical! He has already sent me a sample song for my character Hegai to sing.

In discussing the play with these other artists, I received helpful and at times difficult questions about the characters, the visuals in the stories, and the backgrounds of the players. These questions have helped me to flush out the story more fully. In considering Deborah, the warrior poet, and her body type, I didn’t see a typical comic superhero woman svelte with a mini waist. I thought of some of the strong full-bodied woman I know–healthy and big exuding a powerful presence of mind and body. In considering the daily life of Hegai, the gender-variant eunuch servant in King Xerxes’ (and Queen Esther’s) court I imagined what Hegai’s personal quarters might have been like in contrast to the other parts of palace where Hegai worked. I wondered about Hegai’s role in the palace, the complications a eunuch might face and the games one might be expected to play. I wondered about how one might feel about the expectations that others place on someone who very well never wanted to be a eunuch, and how one might have to present in order to be seen as harmless by others in the court.

Of course we never know for sure, and that is what makes art important and difficult work. We draw on narratives as we attempt to capture the essence of a person, a place, a story.

If you want to see Transfigurations yourself, check out my performance schedule. If I will be near you and you would like to see about booking a talk or something, let me know! Stay tuned for the other Transfigurations projects coming up over the next year!

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Job of the Week

Job of the Week

Recently the UK-based website Ideas Tap interviewed me for their on-line magazine featuring me in their Job of the Week section. They were especially interested in potentially controversial aspects of my work as a queer theatrical performance activist.

People often ask me if I run into problems/opposition when I perform my plays. Really I rarely do, and if so it is mostly on-line. Evangelical and Conservative Christians don’t much fuss over what I do (at least not to my face). Usually the fussing comes from fellow gays and from Quakers. (I love me some Quakers, but Friends can be the most difficult audience member when they take things too literally. They can get so caught up in words that they miss the point.)

Do you consider yourself to be controversial?

Let’s see. I recently retired a play called “The Re-Education of George W.Bush–No President Left Behind!” after I got more bookings for it in the UK and Sweden than in the USA. My newest play is about transgender Bible characters (the BBC had me on-air for nearly two hours talking about this topic.) And I once spent nearly 20 years trying to ‘de-gay’ myself (and completely failed) because I believed I could not be gay AND Christian. Controversial stuff.

Perhaps most controversial for lots of people is that I currently identify as Gay AND Christian. People on many sides get upset about this. In fact, I find it harder to come out Christian among queer folks than to come out gay among church folks.

Do you think controversy is useful?

At times controversy is essential. We sometimes need to jar people out of their slumber and their fears. The goal is not simply to BE shocking, but to uncover what already IS shocking and help people see this for themselves.

Towards the end of the interview they wanted me to name five organizations/websites/resources that you find useful which would be beneficial to other people. Included in the five I listed my favorite podcast–Trans-Ponder. (Mila & Jayna you are brilliant!)

I would have mentioned Joe G’s Bored Beyond the Belief (check out his latest podcast–Michael and Me at 50) but I only find it beneficial for killing 11 minutes or so when I am waiting for my jeans to dry. Now if they asked for an entertaining resource, his pod would have been first on the list!

Check out the full interview here. You have to create a free account, but it takes seconds and Ideas Tap has lots of cool stuff on it worth checking out.

In my list of beneficial resources I also included the Religious Society of Friends–Quakers. There is actually controversy among Friends about whether we should or should not share our faith/practice. Wanna see a Quaker get huffy in Meeting for Worship with attention to Business? Say that you want to start an outreach committee to do proselytizing. You will witness the closest thing to a Quaker smack-down. You may even experience the famous Quaker Bitch Slap.

I believe it is vital that I share the Quaker part of me (which influences so much of what I do and how I do it) and choose to live as what some call “a Public Friend,” traveling widely and sharing the Quaker way. Shoot we have good news to share. We can gather in silent worship together (regardless of our faith traditions) and listen deeply to each other and to the leading of the divine (or whatever you call the invisible, mystical teacher).  We welcome so many refugees from other faith traditions who are looking for a faith community for adults where we have to work out our own walk, where we can contribute on a regular basis through messages we share–something usually reserved for the select few in most faith communities.

Just today I received an e-mail from Beth, one of the Quakers on my Support Committee. She wrote to check-in, to let me know she is thinking about me, holding me in the Light. I love that what I do as a solo performance artist, I get to do in community (Quaker and non-Quaker from all over the place) and with a team of people supporting me, challenging me, encouraging me–without whom it would be nearly impossible to do what I do.

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In the work of becoming an informed, affirming and effective ally, one of the best things we can offer is our attention to other people’s stories. For many straight folks, it was through hearing the stories of gays and lesbians that they grew to better understand the struggles and accomplishments of gay and lesbian people. Similarly when gays and lesbians listen to bisexuals, we can begin to reverse the prejudice and misinformation that too often has been the norm within our LGBT communities and organizations.

The past few years I have been able to hear directly from many transgender people about their lives, their coming out processes, their identities, struggles, triumphs, concerns, needs, desires and dreams. Through the Internet today like never before we have the opportunity to hear first-person accounts about transgender lives and in so doing can counter assumptions, myths and fallacies that have flourished for far too long.

Back in October 2006 after I met him for the first time in Sweden, Alex Resare shared some of his story on this blog. Check out Meet Alex Part One and Part Two. In addition to Alex, I have posted parts of Yuki Vivienne Choe’s story. You can read your blog for yourself here. Diana in her little corner of the Nutmeg State has been blogging for years, and she shared some of her poetry on this blog here.

with Mila & Jayna!

with Mila & Jayna!

One amazing source for learning about transitioning and so much more is the always entertaining and incredibly informative Trans-Ponder Podcast. Mila and Jayna are so much fun and so smart. As of today they have 115 episodes up (including two episodes in which I speak about my Transfigurations play. See episodes 19 and 102)

Where to begin with Trans-Ponder Podcast? I suggest an early episode like Episode Five.

This episode focuses on the concepts of transphobia/transprejudice and we answer questions on Jayna’s relationship with her children and how we chose our names.

Notes: The studies we referenced in the podcast can be found here: Workplace bias study and… Guardian Covers transgender employment and incarceration

Also check out the riveting interview with trans historian Dr. Susan Stryker–Episode 106.

Being a historian, educator, activist, feminist, author, and film maker it seems like there is not much that Susan Stryker has not done. We talk about the place of transgender people and transsexuals in particular in queer culture, in feminism, and our role in history. We also discuss the Bindel debate and the decline of separitist ideology, the documentary film Screaming Queens and street history in the Tenderloin, the terms queen and tranny, usefulness of anger in activism and how to make use of it, marginalization, generational changes in trans people, and so much more.

I have also learned a great deal from various YouTube videos and channels. Jayna and Mila have their own video series which again is both entertaining and informative (and silly in a geeky sort of way).

Over at YouTube I also subscribe to Grisho’s Channel. Originally from Utah, Grisho has since moved to NYC where she has continued the transition process. Check out her introduction video, My Transgender Life (Part One) which is part of a five part series. In it she looks at her own journey and the role that YouTube and social networking has been for her.

In looking at the FTM (female to male) experience, I have spent a great deal of time looking at a series of videos produced by a group of trans men. MighTMenFTM covers a wide range of topics by a range of trans men.

Check out Jacob’s MTM4 Taking T or Not, a discussion about transition and testosterone.

A new resource I have found is TransMentors International. Check out their website and consider joining the Facebook Cause.

If you want to dabble more into the podcasting world, check out Rebecca Nay’s Tranny Wreck Radio.

Tranny Wreck is a warped audio blog of a liberal, agnostic (ex-Mormon), transexual woman. No topic is off limit on this show. I am often vulgar and opinionated

You may also enjoy Ethan St. Pierre’s The Radicalguy Podcast.

A fun loving FtM transsexual with a good sense of humor and a HOT temper. There are three things that I will NOT tolerate:

1) Right wing Nut-Jobs
2) Proud Supporters of the Human Rights Campaign.
3) ANY Transgender organization who is a Proud. supporter of the Human Rights Campaign..
The rest of you are A-Okay.

You can find more great podcast and radio shows at TransFM.

I will live you with the music of Coyote Grace, an amazing musical group with Joseph Stevens, a trans man, with the lead vocals.

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Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a gay Christian blogger. He often goes on rants about the word QUEER suggesting that if ANYONE uses it, this reveals serious problems with the person. They have given into the language of our oppressions who have used such words against us. Although I have tried to explain to him directly and indirectly that one size does NOT fit all (see my blog post on the word queer here), he and some others remain inflexible and dogmatic about the use of the word.

In his most recent e-mail he wrote to over a dozen LGBT bloggers and organizations encouraging us to read his latest series of blog posts about gender and transgender people and issues. I read through both the posts and found them appallingly inaccurate, offensive and disrespectful to the stories and lives of the many transgender folks I have met over the past five years. So much so in fact that I decided to respond to this blogger and all the people on the e-mail list that he included. I wrote,

Xxx, remove me from your mailing list. I have been able to put up with you misguided fundamentalism around the word queer, but I cannot stomach your misrepresentation of transgender individuals.

One individual, who was in the CC of the e-mail, wrote and wondered why I included all. This person felt like I was spamming everyone. I totally can understand that. Lord knows I get far too many forwarded, copied and unsolicited e-mails. We began a cordial exchange,  and the person asked what exactly I find offensive about the gay Christian blogger’s words.

I wrote,

I typically ignore many of Xxx’s statements about the word queer. He paints with broad brush strokes assuming that if one uses the word, it means that there is something wrong with them. I understand how some people find the word offensive, but in a community as diverse as ours, one size does not fit all. If we are not careful, we can practice the same intolerance and oppression that we received from those who stand against us. I wrote a blog post about my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

As a non-trans gay man who does work around transgender issues (I perform a play about transgender Bible characters) I have spent a lot of time with trans people, learning firsthand about their lives and stories, hearing about the garbage they have to put up with from non-trans folks both straight and LGB. When I read Xxx’s blog entries on transgender issues, I felt they were offensive, misguided, inaccurate and transphobic. At times I think we need to make a stand and make a statement. Since he e-mailed a bunch of people the link and encouraged us to read it, I felt it was important to contact the same people to voice my objection to his words. Too often non-trans folks have stood by silently and not challenged misinformation and bullying.

I don’t ever remember doing a mass CC before to everyone on a list, and I will definitely consider your words should I feel drawn to do so again. My intention was not to spam people.

I appreciate you writing and letting me know how you felt about receiving the message from me.

On my blog I will not include links to the gay blogger’s site because I don’t want to indirectly promote such misguided and unhelpful messages. I write this blog to right a wrong. For too long as a non-trans gay man, I have sat by silently and not done enough to address the transphobia and misinformation often perpetuated by fellow non-trans gay man (Christian and otherwise).

I know for some non-trans folks, transgender issues and concerns may initially seem foreign to them. Some may even have experienced strong and even irrational reactions to transgender people within the community. As members of the LGBT community and hopefully allies to all in the community, we need to pursue thoughtful conversation and education. At times we need to stand up and stand out.

For an excellent, informative and entertaining first-person resource on transgender issues, check out Mila and Jayna’s Trans-Ponder Podcast. For a faith-based transgender resource, check out TransFaith Online.

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Marvin Bloom, everyone’s favorite Jew for Jesus and former ex-gay (after trying to “de-gay” he has since “re-gayed”) can be heard all over the Internets these days (Check out his YouTube Channel). He most recently took on the Q word (Queer). Like many older gays with limited education and tolerance, he has serious issues with it.

Marvin also appears on various podcasts and has been stirring up a hornets nest of sorts with all types. Over at the excellent Trans-Ponder Podcast, Marvin has had a back and forth spate of spiritual warfare with Elizabeth Jeremiah, (from the Elizabeth Jeremiah Global Worldwide Ministries in Jesus). She recently revealed that Marvin is demon prosessed. Sister Elizabeth also claims that all of Marvin’s pro-gay talk being shoved down her throat set off her gag reflex (episode 108 where she also reveals that her first husband has since transitioned to a woman). Marvin rebukes her in Jesus’ name at one point resulting in Elizabeth issuing a Jihad against him (episode 110). Marvin counters with charges of anti-Semitism (episode 111). He also sets the record straight–“I love Jesus and I love guys.”

Speaking of crazed extremists, Joe Gee, on his most recent Bored Beyond Belief podcast (episode 42) includes two messages from Marvin Bloom. In response to Joe’s Death Watch list (episode 40), Marvin offers up his own thoughts about who will die in 2009 (and proves to be strangely clarvoyant but a little off). He then gets smarmy with Joe resulting in Joe rebuking Marvin in Jesus’ name (which is something coming from Joe, a former Evangelical Fundamentalist and also a former Quaker). Do listen to the end of the episode 42 where you can hear Joe’s new Bashing Segment. A must listen for informed queers and queer allies (sorry Marvin, but I like getting under your skin too).

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Owl Resting in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Owl Resting in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

After over three weeks, mostly at home in Hartford, I head out on Thursday to begin my winter/spring tour which semi-officially ends on June 8 with a few days here and there at home in between.

Yesterday at Quaker Meeting one of the Friends marveled at how I travel so much (about 70% of the time) and yet seem to stay connected and grounded. (Of course he doesn’t see me when I feel particularly disconnected and uprooted.) Over the last two years I have been able to develop strong support systems both in Hartford and throughout North America and Europe (and now South Africa).

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

In doing activism (campaigning, ministry, whatever word one wants to use) I have found it essential to be in community, especially because I most often travel alone and do one-person shows. In addition to my local support committee, attending Quaker meeting for worship in places where I visit, and finding and maintaining micro-communities in various parts of the world (England, Northern Sweden, Portland, OR, Vancouver, BC, Tennessee, Central PA and more), I have found great value in social networking through blogging, YouTube, podcasting (Hey Joe G. I’m waiting for an update!), Facebook (thank you Auntie Doris for getting me Facebooked), GCN, Twitter, Skype and instant messaging.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Christine Bakke just attended the Creating Change Conference and went through the leadership development track of workshops where she learned a ton about what it takes to care for oneself while doing the work one does.

This winter/spring tour I will focus primarily on presenting Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible, a play that looks at the stories and lives of gender-variant Bible characters. In many ways the performance is a mediation on body image and how so often the bodies we live in do not adequately reflect the reality we experience on the inside (the complexity of gender, how old or young we feel, etc).

Peterson & Table Mt. in Cape Town

Peterson & Table Mt. in Cape Town

As a non-trans gay man, I have felt drawn to these transgender Bible stories because in looking at them I see a mirror to the diversity of gender in our own modern world and the conflicts and triumphs that exist when one chooses authenticity.

The tour will take me to all sorts of places including Central Pennsylvania, Portland, OR (where I will be for my 44th birthday later this month!), Seattle and Spokane, WA, Chapel Hill, NC, Houston, TX, England (and quite possibly Germany and Sweden) and more. Not all the details are up on the schedule yet, so keep an eye out if I come to a venue near you.

Rare Fern Trees in Kirstenbosch Garden

Rare Fern Trees in Kirstenbosch Garden

Since launching Beyond Ex-Gay with Christine in April 2007 retiring Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House last year, I have moved beyond simply addressing ex-gay issues. Since so many people do it in so many effective ways today, I feel confident that I can place my focus elsewhere. In regards to the Ex-Gay Movement I see my primary role as a support for Ex-Gay Survivors. Much of my activities take place in communicating with survivors through e-mail, on the phone and in person, and in telling parts of my own story to assist in broadening the conversation about why people would choose to “de-gay” themselves, the processes involved and particularly the harm that can come of it.

Grandmother & Child in Kirstenbosch Garden

Grandmother & Child in Kirstenbosch Garden

Knowing that during the Creating Change Conference Christine Bakke and
Daniel Gonzales led a super successful workshop about the Ex-Gay Movement and Survivors, I feel thrilled and comforted. So many ex-gay survivors have stepped up over the past year and a half to tell their stories in many public ways.

In the Greenhouse

In the Greenhouse

I want to give a special thanks to you for the e-mails, comments, Facebook wall scrawls, etc that you send my way with words of encouragement, advice, comfort and even smart ass remarks. It’s great to do the work that I do in community. I could not do it alone.

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On the eve of President Elect Obama’s inauguration, I went with my friend Jen to see the film Frost/Nixon. What a griping and insightful movie. After eight years of a descent into lawlessness in the White House, this film offered an opportunity to speak truth to power in a creative and unexpected way.

To say that I am thrilled about the upcoming change in Washington is an understatement. Yes, it will be rife with challenges and Obama is not perfect, but we need a break. We need to rebuild our country. We need thoughtful leadership in the midst of severe trials. And you know all this and others are saying it better than I am.

For a break from the Inaugural Balls and such, have a listen to this week’s episode of Trans-Ponder. Mila and Jayna sit down with me (and Marvin transpondervideobanner1and Chad and Federico Garcia Lorca) for a long interview about transgender Bible characters, America (with a super quote from Audre Lorde), Christianity, Quakers, effeminate straight men, straight-acting gay guys, and so much more. Have a listen here.

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Marvin interview Earthel Forester, an 87 year-old Black lesbian. Marvin’s Aunt Sylvia also calls in and I even make a cameo appearance. Oh, and Marvin responds to Elizabeth Jeremiah, thus modeling how to stand up to a spiritual bully (and if anyone knows about this it is Marvin)

Listen to Trans-Ponder Podcast #86 for an episode filled with poetry and so much more. Mila and Jayna crack me up!

OH!!! And Very Important. Trans-Ponder Podcast has been nominated for the Podcast Awards under the GLBT section. You can vote once a day this Thur, Fri and Sat. Please vote. You will make Marvin ever so happy.

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A quick post with a few unrelated things.

  • Marvin Bloom strikes again with his Moment with Marvin on Jayna and Mila’s Transponder Podcast #84. Marvin promises that for the next segment he “will do a lesbian.” (His words exactly).  In addition, we hear from Elizabeth Jeremiah who warns the ladies about Marvin and his gay ways on Transponder Podcast #85. Fun for the whole family values crowd!
  • In celebration of the CT Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage for same-sex couples, I encourage you to join me in making a contribution to Vote NO on Prop 8, a measure designed to overturn marriage equality in California. Millions of dollars have been pumped into an aggressive media campaign to try to sway Californians to vote for discrimination against lesbian and gay couples (the biggest source coming from the New Haven, CT Knights of Columbus). And for every dollar you give between now and Sunday night, a donor will match it! Californians need our support (as do the folks in Arizona who have to vote no AGAIN on Prop 102).
  • Obama! Please America, let’s vote this man into office. It will not solve all our problems, but it will get us on an important track to recover from years of insanity.
  • Tomorrow I will have lunch in NYC with fellow ex-gay survivor and former Love in Action participant, David Christie. Check out David’s collage and narrative over at Beyond Ex-Gay.

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Sure I go away and Joe hooks up with all my characters!

Head over to Joe G’s blog, Bored Beyond Belief, to hear an interview between him and Chad. Also Marvin checks in and is up to some serious craziness. From Marvin you will get to meet Samson. Fun for the whole family!

In other podcasting news…Marvin checks in for his second installment of Moments with Marvin on Mila and Jayna’s Trans-ponder podcast episode #82. In this installment he also interviews Chad. They have a little cat fight of sorts, as Marvin asserts himself as the Alpha Fag.

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You made it to my newly migrated blog. Well done! Basically I will do pretty much exactly what I did over at my Blogger site.  I will just do it here at Word Press.

Over at my Blogger site I have a category of links listed on the left side with the title, Best of this Blog. There I have some previous blog posts that I think represent some of the more important entries I wrote. I updated it about a year ago after asking some folks what were some of their favorite posts.

Below I have the current list. Before I recreate the same list, I wonder if you had thoughts about the kind of posts that I’ve written that have meant the most to you and that you think others would appreciate. (I personally like the posts where I bust on Joe G. or sing the praises of Mila & Jayna’s podcast or simply adore Auntie Doris.)

Here’s the current list from my old blog:

I also added links. I am sure I forgot all kinds of important people and links, so feel free to give me suggestions (or reminders) of links to blogs, podcasts and other sites for me to consider.

Now we return you our regular blogging…

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